Message Market Fit™

The Lean Startup methodology teaches new ventures to use the Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas to validate their business models. And it teaches them to use the build-measure-learn cycle to test problem-solution assumptions and iteratively refine their product concept until they've achieved product-market fit.

Backstory's Message Market Fit is a process that builds on these essential steps. This process helps clients clarify, articulate, test and refine their marketing messages to find the right words to describe the pain points they solve for customers and the value their products and services create with words that resonate.

Your conversion rates go higher when you achieve Message Market Fit, and your marketing ROI is dramatically more effective and impactful. Let us show you how.


Backstory's courses give clients a convenient way to learn the principles of Message Market Fit and apply them independently. Individuals, teams or entire organizations use our courses to acquire the knowledge they need to make your marketing dollars more effective.


Our coaching services allow individuals or teams to work with a Backstory-certified coach who can provide personalized instruction and feedback as they practice applying Message Market Fit principles to their unique circumstances.


Backstory's consulting services perform the Message Market Fit process for you at an expert level. We can work alongside members of your team so they can learn the process on behalf of your organization and internalize it going forward.

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